Tuesday, May 26, 2015

sunshine and more sunshine

we just finished up a long and great weekend.

saturday morning gregg and i were up bright and early to run a 5k race on the beach. this was my 2nd one and it went about just well as the first. i am so not concerned with speed, i told gregg not to even worry about the timing chip because i really don't care and i knew i would come in towards end.  my only goal was to not walk and not come in last and happily i can say those goals were met. i am really surprised by how much i enjoy these races. i am enjoying them so much so that we are signing up for a 5 miler later this summer. my goal is do a 10k this fall. now that i've put it out there, maybe i will actually do it!

as soon as we got home from the race, i changed, grabbed abbey and we went off to adventure landing for a few hours just the two of us. adventure landing is a small waterpark that is perfect for kids and pretty fun for adults too. we have seasons passes for the summer and i really excited to go over and over again with the kids. they love it! it had been awhile since i had any alone time with abbey other than a quick run to target and i had forgotten what a fun girl she is. she is at such a great age and i often feel like i wish i could give her more one on one time.

sunday after church, gregg's parents came to pick up the kids for the night and next day leaving gregg and i all ALONE for 24hrs. it was glorious. we headed to the beach and then out to dinner at this great taco place (yes! there are a few, and i mean a few decent tacos here) and then of course, we ended up at target. i can't imagine a night out without kids not ending up at target.

the next morning we slept until NINE am. NINE! then we headed out the beach again for brunch at this hole in the wall dinner before heading out a long bike ride through the beaches. we ended up cover nearly 11 miles in total on our beach cruisers. it was a beautiful day and riding through the neighborhoods on the ocean is always amazing.

the kids came home later that afternoon and we headed out the beach AGAIN! it was just such great weather and we knew they had napped and wouldn't be ready for bedtime until later than normal. we spent about 2 hours out there playing as the sun went down.

it was truly a great weekend. i found myself feeling so thankful while we were riding through the beaches monday morning. i think you are either a beach person, or you aren't and i definitely am. i just feel so full and thankful when i'm out there. every time i walk out on the sand i just cannot believe we are living here and this is my home.

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