Tuesday, April 28, 2015

whole30 revisited

on march 30th gregg and i restarted whole30. i really wanted to give it another go and make it the whole 30 days this time. we finished last tueaday! hooray.

it was much easier for me this time and i think that's largely due to having kept some of the eating habits i established in my last attempt. habits like replacing bread with lettuce wraps and eating eggs or another protein heavy food for breakfast. it also helped that i already had some go to meals and snacks in place when getting started.

outside of eggs, one of the breakfast options that saved me were paleo pancakes. sometimes, you just cannot handle another egg and these pancakes definitely grew on over the last month. i also ate a lot of tuna with carrot sticks for lunch, sweet potato nachos/salads, avacados, plantain chips and salsa. oh plantain chips. we made the raw brownie bites a couple times too. those are super good and technically not something you should eat a lot of while on whole30 but it's really nice to have a treat on hand that is all whole, healthy ingredients.

while it was easier this time around i really, really wanted to quit days 22-27. like really wanted to. but, i didn't and i am glad i stuck with it. i don't have a way to weigh myself but i am fitting into a size smaller in most shorts and overall, i just feel lighter and less bloated. 

okay, so those are things that i did right, now let me tell you how i messed up. ha.

on days 19-20 i was at a women's retreat and wasn't sure how i was going to pull off eating on plan. overall i did really well because they had really healthy, fresh meals. i did end up eating some tortilla chips at the last dinner because there really wasn't much i could eat and i was starving. i also got talked into trying "the best cookie in the world" but i ate half and i passed up a TON of cake. oh my gosh the cake people. so, it could have been much worse but i technically didn't eat "whole30" those days all the time. oh, and in interest of honesty, i put milk in my coffee the whole month. sometimes regular, sometimes almond, but always milk. so there you go. 

overall it was a good experience, worth the effort and i'm really glad i did it. i have needed to force myself to eat a more balanced diet for a long time and this really helped me learn some healthy habits. i don't think i will be doing it again for awhile but i hope to keep up most of the habits...plus some chocolate ;)

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