Saturday, December 27, 2014


there are many, many things i've been wanting to blog about but i have to write about Disney because i do not want to forget it.

we were planning to Disney back in July but when gregg got sick and we just couldn't make it happen, so, when my in-laws suggested a Disney trip this month, i was all about it. plus, it we didn't have to endure the heat.

since i knew my mom would be in town visiting, i made sure we scheduled it so that she could come along too. we live about 2.5 hrs from orlando, so we just did a day trip to the Magic Kingdom only. it was perfect and all we could have managed in one day anyway. however, i would LOVE to go back and spend a night so we could do more.

the kids loved it. abbey met Rapunzel, Cinderella and Ariel. seeing her meet Cinderella was the sweetest thing ever. she was SO in awe of her and just kept smiling and playing with her while she talked to her. it was precious and hands down the best part of the day. tucker spotted buzz lightyear and said he wanted to meet him so gregg and i got in line with him. as we got closer and started to get nervous and changed his mind. we still got pretty close to him though-enough to make tucker a little nervous.

as we were headed back to the entrance, we ran right into the fantasy parade that was getting ready to start and it was so fun for the kids. abbey spotted elsa and anna in the float (the line to meet them was 2 hrs long!), all the kids were excited to see donald, daisy, mickey and minni. it was SO fun to see how excited eisley got over mickey and minni. she loves when the mickey mouse clubhouse is on the TV and dances her little heart out to the song, so i was curious if she would be equally excited when she spotted them. and she was! she just kept yelling, pointing, clapping and waving her arms around at them. it was so adorable.

it was long day but overall, it went really well. the kids did great, eisley even napped for 1.5 hrs in the stroller, and we were home by 7:30pm. i'm so thankful we got to take our kids and hope we get to back soon! they are already asking to go again.

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