Sunday, June 8, 2014

the thing about pictures..

pictures are tricky. sometimes my own pictures trick me. i'll see a picture from an outing that i know was more work than fun and i'll start to remember it as slightly more enjoyable than it really was. it gets even more tricky with other people's pictures.

here's an example; this afternoon post nap time (which never happened for eisley, btw..) the kids were intensely rowdy so we filled up the baby pool, turned on the sprinkler and pushed everyone outside.

here are some pictures from our afternoon...

oh look, cute kids running through the sprinkler, a fun and sweet dad pushing a baby on a swing and one super adorable baby in a swimsuit.

but, what you don't see is the kids immediately melting down about the grass stuck to their feet after their first trip through the sprinkler, the exhaustion of the dad pushing that swing, the time outs older siblings earned by splashing water on the baby and each other, the fussy baby not lasting more than 5 mins in that pool and oh yeah, their mom...tired, sweaty and looking like this....

so i guess my point is this; don't let pictures fool you into thinking everyone's days are more fun than your own. the truth is, we were fighting to enjoy our kids today. we were fighting against tiredness, boredom and selfishness. we were dealing with grumpy kids with less than stellar attitudes. 

but you'd never know it from those pictures because pictures are tricky that way ;)

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