Tuesday, June 17, 2014

that baby...

is turning ONE a week from today. how in the world???

eisley, i have failed you terribly at updating on what you are up to each month. terribly.

i will try to cram in all the months i missed here, right now.

you will not, WILL NOT, crawl. stubborn baby. you get up on your hands and knees like you are going to, but then you just sit down and scoot off on your bottom. honestly, i kinda like that you have your own funny way of moving around. also, it's not as fast as crawling so that's a bonus for me. it's pretty cute and even though it's not as speedy as crawling, you are getting pretty quick at it.

i think i've seen you "pull up" on something a handful of times. you just don't seem interested and are pretty content to be occupied by the chaos your brother and sister create all the live-long day. you just scoot around behind them, following them from room to room and yelling your contribution to their games.

they love you too. first thing in the morning they want to hug you. even morning grump abbey smiles when you wake up and asks to hold you.

you love them just as much. your days would be so much less fun without them. (also, probably less painful..but you take the good with the bad baby girl..)

you have EIGHT teeth. apparently, this is a lot for your age because it's one of the first things people comment on when they see you. 4 up top, 4 on the bottom and i think you are working on 2 more bottom ones.

i can put your hair into a little ponytail!! it's pretty much adorable. i hope this means you will have more luck growing hair than your sister :)

you aren't crazy about people that aren't your daddy or i holding you. as in, you cry. loudly. with the exception of the ladies at the gym. you LOVE them. i guess because you've gotten to see them several times a week since you were 8 weeks old. you actually reach for them and they love you just as much.

let's see..what else..

you are a fan of the eating. you eat pretty much anything i put in front of you. it's pretty nice. please stay that way. i know you won't, but i still have to ask.

you're going through a pretty serious phase of loving your daddy lately.  as far as words go, all you've got is "dada". although, i really think you tried saying "Abbey" the other night..it came out "adda".

you don't like your car seat at all. it's such a battle to get you in it most of the time. i'll be honest eisley, it's pretty annoying for me. you arch your back and roll from side to side while yelling. i wish you'd accept that thing as part your life already. it's not going anywhere for a loonnnggg time.

i just love you though eisley. you are so sweet. you lay your head on our shoulders and pat my back. after i feed you your bottle at bed time you sit right up in my lap and start laughing and chatting with me. i'll hold you for a few minutes, then squeeze you super tight (you usually pat my back a few times too) and then lay you down and give you your pacifier. i don't want to jinx anything but you amaze me with how you go down so easily for sleep. i put you in bed laughing and chatting and then you just lay your head down and fall asleep. sweet, miracle gift from God is what you are. keep it up.

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