Wednesday, June 4, 2014

i'm not saying i regret college but...

after i graduated high school i went to college...because what else was i going to do? i started out at a community college and then transferred to the greatest university in the country, Texas A&M obviously.

college is to prepare you for adult life, right? i mean, that's what i always thought and in some ways i guess it did. however, more and more lately i find myself thinking that the job i had while in college is what actually did the most to prepare me for my current adult life.

i worked at a sandwich shop for 5+ years throughout college and for awhile afterwards. i made people food, took orders, worked amongst chaos, cleaned toilets, swept floors, washed dishes, cleared tables, took out the trash, and handled needy and demanding customers. hmm, seeing the parallel yet??

let's just go over what i do on a daily basis now, in my "adultlife". okay...

  • make people food-check
  • take orders-check 
  • operate in sheer madness-check 
  • clean toliets-check
  • sweep floors-only about 20000x a day, so check
  • wash dishes-um, check
  • clean tables-check
  • take out the trash-ok, so gregg mostly does this one and i will admit to not having to climb into any dumpsters to retrieve commercial sized trash since leaving that job 
  • handle need and demanding customers-obviously, check

so there you go, i could have saved a ton of cash and effort by just working at my college job instead of actually going to college. i would be just as prepared for my current life. so, thanks Must be Heaven of Brenham, Tx. shout out to you for preparing me for life.

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