Saturday, May 10, 2014


summer has arrived (although i think we are supposed to have one 67 degree day this, seriously, texas weather is so strange) and i am trying my best to embrace it before the real summer gets here in july-september. this basically looks lots of time outside while the kids play in the sprinkler and pool. while they are still pretty happy to do that, i was really wanting to do something different one day this past week. i've heard this is a "beach" (and i use that word very,very loosely) area at a park on the lake near us and i've thought about ago for the last two summers and haven't ever gone. so on wednesday of this past week i sent gregg a text while he was at work to see if felt like checking it out after got home. he was up for it, so we packed up and headed over around 4 that afternoon.

it was about a 20 minute drive from our house and we were the only ones there when we arrived. it definitely didn't satisfy my craving for some beach time but the kids had a blast and that's really the whole point of these types of outings anyway.

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