Sunday, August 11, 2013

random bullets

we are going to do this one random, bullet point style..

  • eisley is 7 weeks tomorrow and i am already feeling like she is losing her "newborness". it goes so fast. she has been kind of a miracle sleeper so far. i'm sorta afraid to talk about it but maybe i will want to remember this stuff? isn't unusual for her to sleep 7-8 hrs straight, wake up to eat and sleep a couple more. it's also not totally unusual for her to wake up after 4 hrs to eat and sleep another 3ish. i will take either thankyouverymuch. i feel like maybe this is making up for the every 1.5 hr routine tucker put through for SO LONG.
  • tucker is 20 months. so close to 2 and seeming older everyday. he is talking SO much more lately. not sentences yet but he will put a few words together. he has one volume and it is loud. he still loves his baby.
  • abbey seems to be getting more and more smitten with eisley. at first, she wasn't as interested as tucker but that is definitely changing. she asks to hold her several times a day and likes to get eisley's hands around her finger. she wants to feed her and hates it when she cries.
  • i'm doing pretty good. this has been the least emotional post partum experience yet. i don't know why-maybe it's the better than usual sleep-but i'm grateful to not be a weepy, anxious mess this time around. i'm finally feeling back to normal and 100% and it is SO wonderful! for awhile it seemed hard to imagine not being miserable forever but alas i am feeling good again. woo-hoo!
  • we are doing pretty good with adjusting to life with 3 small kids. we have pretty much just gone on with life as usual and are figuring it out as we go. it probably seems hard to believe, but the move to 3 has been significantly easier than the move to 2 for me so far. honestly, so much easier. 

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