Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 weeks out

yesterday we hit the 4 week mark, tomorrow it will officially be 1 month since Eisley came and life is finally starting to feel normal again. overall, things are going really well and much more smoothly than i anticipated. the move to 2 was rough for me so i was sorta expecting the same with moving to 3. we are just all learning to be a little more patient and Eisley continues to be (knock on wood!!) a content baby and good sleeper considering her age. i even managed an outing to a store with all 3 yesterday and didn't forget a kid :)

while i am definitely in a frazzled state when out with 3 of them, i am feeling more confident as a mom this time around. i have let go of some of the worry of what other people think and have even less stress of the possibility of my baby crying while out. i remember taking abbey to target when she was a few weeks and rushing around the store because i was so worried she was start crying. the horror of an infant crying in public, i know. it's funny to me now because a trip to target with just eisley seems almost as great as going alone compared to taking tucker or even abbey along. i've learned it's okay for other people to hear your baby cry-they will survive and so will i.

for the most part though, we've doing a lot of hanging out at home. it sorta feels like time has slowed to an almost standstill. i am not going to lie, i'm starting to get bored with the sitting around and i KNOW abbey is too. this week i've been intentional about inviting people over. even if we don't leave the house, it's so great to at least see people from the outside every now and then. and, now that i'm feeling almost back to normal, going out is definitely doable.

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