Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eisley: 2 months

this sweet thing is two months old already. while i do feel like she is getting big fast, in a way i feel like she should be so much older by now. the addition of a 3rd child has slowed our days down a good bit and because of that, it feels like it has been so much longer since she was born. i have to keep reminding myself that we are only 2 months out.

eisley continues to be the sweetest baby. her temperament and personality is such a blessing to have in a 3rd child. she is patient, content, smiley and talkative (well as much as a 2mth old could be!) and an amazing sleeper.

some things about sweet E at two months:

  • weighs 11 lbs 1 oz and is 22 inches long. (50% for weight, 25%-50% for height)-side note, she seems really close to tucker's size at this age.
  • sleeps 7 hrs straight pretty much every night, occasionally will sleep 8 hrs. i did nothing to make this happen, she has just been a ridiculous good sleeper from the beginning. please don't stop eisley mae!
  • does not really like to be held all that much. she really only wants to be held long enough to be fed. she prefers to lay down and kick around and check out her surroundings.
  • as of this week, she has started putting herself to sleep for most of her naps and at bedtime. she had  few rough nights where we let her get too tired before bed and therefore she got really really upset. after an 1.5 hrs of trying to calm her down by rocking/feeding her, i finally laid her down, swaddled her and stuck her paci in. she immediately calmed down and fell asleep. she has been going to sleep like this ever since.
  • which brings me to..i think she is going to like the pacifier. hallelujah. finally a newborn who sees the benefit of that thing. SO helpful.
  • she does LOVE interaction though. she is the happiest when you lay her down next to you and sit and talk to her. she gets a huge smile as soon as she makes eye contact and starts trying to talk. she even has tucker running up to her and saying "ahh goooo." 
  • she will track objects or people with her eyes pretty well. my mom insists that she follows me around the room with her eyes, but who knows, that's a grammy talking :)
  • she has a hemangioma type birthmark on her chest. it has started to grow and apparently will keep doing so until about 4 months when it will slowly start to shrink. her doctor has told me that they usually don't fade away completely until about 9 years of age. it doesn't bother her though and isn't causing any problems so no worries there. it did grow pretty quickly and in a way i was expecting last week that threw me off a little but it turns out it is totally normal.

most days i still can't believe we have another baby girl. last year at this time i thought we were done with babies and here we are with another. the days can be long and exhausting (like today was..) but i could not be more grateful for the children we have. over the last 3.5 years i have seen over and over again that healthy babies are not promised to us. they are a gift. eisley mae is certainly our sweet little gift and we all love her so much.

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