Monday, September 16, 2013

some things...

  • i keep wanting to call eisley, "lesli" in my head. it is weird. she is my child-i know her name. but when i think about her in my "oh, i bet eisley will be awake soon.." or something like that, i always want to sub in "lesli" for her name. why???
  • we waited until tucker was 18mths old to completely take the bottle away from him at nap and bedtime. he didn't have it any other time by that point but it made sleeping so much easier and i am all about breaking the "rules" to make life easier after the 1st kid. anyway, obviously, when eisley came just a month later he still had his memories of life with a bottle fresh in his little mind. and you know, because i'm all about making life easier, he has been handed the bottle for naps pretty often since then. he will usually nap at least 30 mins longer if he has his bottle, so yes, please give it to him. i was adamant about dropping it at year with abbey...but whatever...we will part with it eventually.
  • i am sorta obsessed with the checking the weather forecast lately. i am not worried about bad weather but i just like to know what to expect. on my weather app it says that some 80 degree days are coming next week. i'm hope it's not lying but i'm skeptical. 
  • sometimes when i'm driving i'll look in the mirror at the kids and think "um, those 3 people were in my body..." also, there are 3 now??
i mean, minivans are sorta awesome..

  • i attempted going to my parents for a few days with the kids this past weekend. probably the biggest fail i have had yet. my parent's house is serving as the transitional home for my (very very pregnant!) sister and her family right now while they sell their house/move to it was crowded and there weren't many free rooms. this meant tucker got put in my parent's room for the night. he woke up around 10 and started to cry. he pretty much never wakes up but when he does he'll always go right back to sleep....until friday night. i think he was thrown off by being in a different place and by having my parents in the room. so..he was up from 10pm until 4 am. during that time i attempted to let him cry to go back to sleep-he threw up 2x doing that-once on me, i tried to rock him, i tried putting him in bed with me..nothing worked. finally i gave up and he played until 4am when he finally crawled in my lap fell asleep. ironically, eisley slept from 7pm until 5 am that night. then, on the way home saturday night (b/c after friday night i quickly abandoned any ideas of staying several days..) all of my children cried the whole way home. not just cried-screamed. abbey cried because tucker was screaming and eisley was screaming because the big kids kept waking her up. it was also dark and raining to add to the fun.  i mean, i sorta just wanted to Jesus to go ahead and come back. i settled for shoving half of a giant cookie in mouth about 30 minutes before we got home. 
    around 4am when he finally gave up..

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