Tuesday, February 26, 2013

somehow, tucker is 15 months old. when abbey was this age i thought she was such a big girl but the second time around, this age seems like a baby stage still. i like it this way.

he continues to be the sweetest baby (ok...toddler, ugh). he loves hugs and his blanket. he also loves being held which has it's good and bad points.

  • vocab is growing more lately. he is trying to say more words these days which is a huge change from just a month ago. we are up to daddy, mama, cheese, toast (or some version of it), bye-bye, hi, ball, that, shoes, ouch, dog and uh-oh. there may be more but i am not sure.
  • he loves people. he waves at everyone we see and says "hi". abbey did this too. i love it.
  • he is understanding so much more lately. even if he can't respond with words it seems like he understands most of what we say. he knows where all the rooms are in the house. i can say, lets go to the playroom and he will run in there, or abbey's in the potty and he runs to the bathroom, etc. 
  • that boy loves carbs. i pull out the toaster and he runs to his high chair and starts trying to climb in. toast is favorite thing to eat. he points to the bread all day long and says "that! that!" overall he is getting to be a better eater. he still has to really be hungry to sit for more than a few minutes to eat but it is getting better.
  • he LOVES abbey. he loves to play chase with her around the house (not my fav activity btw..) and he just laughs at everything she does. they are starting to play together more and it's cute to watch. tucker will run up to her and babble something and she will say "ok, we can play that game!" 
  • he flips out at the chance to go outside. he gets so excited when i put his shoes on him and immediately runs to the back door to go out to play when i put him down.
  • this kid is sweetness but he has a temper. he is definitely a little fit thrower. if he doesn't get his way, he immediately throws himself down on the ground face first. this is new for us but if we ignore him, he moves on in just a couple minutes. this should make 2 fun :)
  • he has learned how to irritate his big sister. if he wants her attention (or maybe just for the fun of it) he will grab something she is playing with or her elephant/blanket and run off with it, looking back at her with a big grin on his face. it is pretty hilarious.
  • 15 mth stats: 24 lbs (75th%), 30 inches (25th%) and slightly big headed :)
  • continues to love gregg. when he comes home from work (or anywhere) tucker hears the door open and will drop everything running to the door yelling "da-dee!!" with his arms up. it is pretty impossible for gregg to come home in a bad mood this way.