Thursday, April 11, 2013


i keep thinking about how i want to write about things here but then i always feel too tired..or actually do it.

i guess i will start with Easter since i have pictures uploaded already for that.

the friday before Easter a friend organized a huge egg hunt for our kids at a nearby park. she did it last year and i was really excited it was happening again this year. it was super fun for the kids. these pictures of abbey were taken by her because i spent all of my time chasing tucker around. he wasn't too interested in picking up eggs but i convinced him to pick up 3.

we hung around town for Easter this year and it ended up being really really nice. at first we weren't sure if we would be spending the day alone as it seemed most of our friends would have plans but it ended up that we had several friends free and looking for plans too. we went to church on sunday morning downtown at the Frank Erwin center. for the last few years our church has held Easter service there so that everyone from the different locations/services can worship together as well as other people in town. this year gregg was playing music for the service (the kid's service technically) so i was a little hesitant about going it alone at such a big place with both kids but, just as it was last year, it was no big deal at all. they are SO organized for this event it is always so impressive. they even had really close in parking for people with multiple children, pregnant women and the elderly and disabled. this was a huge help for me since lugging tucker around for any distance is pretty exhausting these days. anyway, getting everyone where they needed to be went great and fast and i was off to church. i took a picture during worship but it doesn't do it justice. it was overwhelming (in a really good way) to be there with thousands of other people worshiping on Easter. so powerful.

after church we headed home and got ready for company. most of our community group through church was in town so we had everyone over to grill, hang out and let the kids play. it was so fun! i always worry that our house is a little small for so many people but the kids don't care and things seem to be doable every time.  it was rainy at first but the sun came out later in the day and we were able to let the kids hunt eggs in the backyard. i was just really thankful for a fun, low key time with friends and our kids.

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