Tuesday, February 19, 2013

on choosing a name..

way before i ever entertained the idea of getting pregnant, or even married, i had a long list of baby names. it is actually pretty funny to go back and read them now. it's pretty obvious from my list what television shows i was really into. you can guarantee that both the name Dawson and Pacey made that list. even into adulthood i assumed one of the most fun things about expecting a child would be picking out a name.

wrong. so, so wrong. sure it's kind of fun to think of names you like for a hypothetical baby and when no one else's opinions matters (read: husband's) but when it comes down to sticking a human being with the name they will be called for their entire life, kind of not so fun. i will say, i am so glad this baby is a girl because had it been a boy we would have been in trouble. when trying to come up with a boy name the only possible solution we came to was changing tucker's middle to something else and giving that name to this baby. not exactly ideal but we were getting desperate. fortunately, that won't be necessary.

we had two girl names picked out when i was pregnant with tucker before we knew the sex. i really liked both of them and was kind of bummed at the idea of never getting to use one of them. since finding out we would have a girl, we have been going back and forth between the two names. last night, i think we finally settled on what we will call her. while this name isn't too "out there" or something we made up, it is a little unique and probably not everyone's taste. and that's okay because it is our taste :)

so, baby number three will be Eisley Mae. Eisley is pronounced "eyes-lee". i hesitated on this name for awhile because i worried it would be mispronounced in school her whole life and she would some how spend half the school year being called Elsie.which is a cute name just not what we were going for.  i finally just decided that it didn't matter and she would get really good at correcting people. just as abbey will get really good at explaining that her name is in fact not abigail but just abbey. anyway, we heard this sister band from tyler, tx on NPR named Eisley when i was pregnant tucker and the name stuck with us. we decided on Mae because 1) i think it's cute and 2) it kind of goes along with what i suppose has turned out to be a theme in our children's middle names which are Winter (for abbey) and August (for tucker).

so there you have it, Eisley Mae it is.

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LeAnn Henson said...

Love the name...I have not heard it before so it will be unique for her!!