Sunday, February 17, 2013

goodnight moon fail

so, about a month ago i saw that a small production of the children's book Goodnight Moon was going to be going on a theater in town. i considered taking abbey but wasn't sure. then i got an email from a friend saying she had purchased tickets for her daughter and asking if anyone wanted to join them. so i thought why not? it wasn't expensive and it was only an hour long so it should be okay.

abbey was pretty excited when i tried to explain to her that we would be going to see a play. she didn't really understand what i meant, but was happy to go some where new and see her friends there. once the play started, the first 20 minutes or so went really well. it was adorable and perfect for her age. but then...then they did a song that involved that turning all the lights out and have an actor dress so that you could just see his hands and feet ( in all black with white gloves/socks). this was all it took to ruin it for abbey. she scares SO easily. after that, she kept saying "this is scary, i don't like this show, i want to go out.". i tried to hold her off as long as possible but eventually we had to leave about halfway through. there really wasn't anything scary about the show but abbey is really sensitive to anything that even sort of seems scary.

we will try again next year i suppose :)

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