Sunday, February 17, 2013

finding out

when we found out we would be having another baby we debated on waiting to find out the gender. since we already had a boy and a girl it seemed doable. after some thinking we decided to just find out halfway through instead. mostly because we (well..I) are impatient but also because we aren't really excitable people. meaning, our excitement level would more than likely be the same now as it would be 20 weeks from now. also, because i have to have another c-section i just wasn't sure i would really be able to appreciate the surprise in that moment. not being able to sit up, hold and actually look at the baby right as it's being born seemed like it would kind of put a damper on things. also, i'm impatient.

19 weeks 4 days

so, on the 7th i had the 20 week ultrasound. i can honestly say that my biggest prayer leading up to this ultrasound was that this baby be healthy and growing as it should be. i've been fairly open about hoping for another baby girl, but more than anything i just wanted to see a healthy baby in there. i'm just extra happy and blessed that we saw both :) i'm pretty excited to get to do the girl thing again-all the cute clothes and bows, plus a sister for abbey.

baby GIRL bump!
we are really close to picking a name. we've going back and forth between two, both are names we had picked out with tucker's pregnancy before we knew the gender. i think we made a decision..or rather i finally committed to the name i think we both prefer. we always share names ahead of time so i'm sure i'll post about her name soon.

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