Saturday, February 2, 2013

marathon of sickness

it is definitely winter. i can't always tell by the weather here but i know by the onslaught of non-stop sickness that has come to our house. the kids started to get cold-like symptoms monday and by tuesday i was sick with the worst cold i have had. of course, it probably felt worse because i couldn't take any medicine that would actually help my symptoms. the kids got more sick as the week went on too. nothing like getting up with 2 sick kids all night while also completely miserable yourself. joy of mothering :) i am feeling MUCH better today, abbey seems to be improving but poor tucker is just miserable still. we may be headed to the doctor monday for what feels like the millionth time in the past month. here are some pictures of our week of sickness. wednesday i drove to may parents for a few days so i could have some help with kids during the day.

we spent the a good chunk of sunday night on the chair sleeping and watching baby einstein on youtube

                                              knocking on grammy and campy's door.

                           found her asleep in our bed today.

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