Tuesday, January 29, 2013

some things..

sometimes i wonder what exactly people are thinking when they come up with recipes. i saw something called "tater tot dip" on pinterest earlier today. i mean really, does anyone really need to dip chips into something that contains tater tots? eww. i mean, it probably tastes good because of all the fat but eww.

while on the topic of pinterest, i wish it would stop trying to pass cauliflower off as "delicious". i just don't buy that it makes a good pizza crust, potato alternative or "popcorn". stop it. it's not that great of a vegetable on it's own so i'm not too eager to try to make it satisfy my craving for something tasty.

speaking of food, it is still a struggle. i'm eating, obviously, but it's not easy to find something to that doesn't sound absolutely awful to me. at 18 weeks i thought for sure nausea would be gone but it's still hanging around.

tucker and i were in target last week and he seemed to find great joy in yelling "da-dee!" at every random guy that passed us. it was pretty funny, even funnier to me because i forgot to put my wedding rings on that morning. poor kid looking for a daddy.

speaking of which, tucker's vocab is slowly growing. i didn't realize how early abbey picked up words until now when tucker is 14 months with just a handful. so far, it is "da-dee!", "mama", "hi", "ball", "bye-bye" and i really think he is trying to say "thank you". he still does A LOT of emphatic pointing and grunting. we keep encouraging him to try new words but he's pretty lazy about it still :)

both of our kids had the flu this month. misery. absolute misery for everyone, especially them obviously. thankfully, everyone is well right now although i'm a little hesitant to write that. i am just praying i do not get it.

boy names are really hard to come up with. i sent gregg a list of boy names that i came up with. none of which i really loved, but most of which i could live with. at the end of the list i wrote "basically, lets just hope it is a girl." his reply of "i hate them all' did not really help the situation any.


Kathy Ormont said...

do you find out soon?

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! :)