Thursday, January 3, 2013

yesterday i managed to survive taking both kids to the doctor for their well check visits. i'm about 6 weeks late on tucker's and a month late on abbey's but we finally made it. praise Jesus abbey did not need shots because i probably would have had a meltdown right along with her. poor tucker though need 3 and a finger prick :( abbey was pretty concerned about him after she saw how upset the shots made him but he recovered really quickly from that so she pulled it together too. but then. then we had to go wait in the lab area for the finger prick. abbey was getting bored and kept asking me why we were waiting again so i told her because tucker needed another shot. this was devastating news to her. she started crying and saying "no! no more shots for tucker. he doesn't like it. let's just leave. no more shots for tucker!" she was so concerned for him and it was sad but sweet to see her so worried about him being in pain. you know, since she's usually the one inflicting his pain.

anyway, we all made it and here are our stats for my future reference:

tucker: 29 inches (25th%) and 23 lbs 8 oz (75th)
abbey: 39 inches (95th%) and 42lbs (95th%)

i am starting to wonder if tucker will ever catch up to abbey in height as an adult :)

oh and abbey got to wear a gown for her visit. um, cuteness.

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