Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

well, another Christmas has come and gone. usually i get a little sad putting away the Christmas decorations and moving on from the holiday season but this year felt different. i think doing the advent activities with abbey really helped it feel like Christmas and i feel like we adequate celebrated and enjoyed the holiday this year so there was no sadness packing away those ornaments.

we spent Christmas Eve at home this year and had some friends over for dinner to celebrate. we ate, let the kids, read the Christmas story from the Jesus StoryBook Bible and sang a few songs. it was sweet and simple and i am so glad we did it.  i just i had taken a picture.

Christmas morning we woke up at usual time, let abbey open the two gifts we got for her, sang happy birthday to Jesus and ate cake for breakfast and then headed to Brenham to spend the rest of the day with family. we were able to be there by 9:30 and do Christmas morning with everyone there too. it actually worked out great this way. the kids and i stayed with my parents for a few days after Christmas while gregg had to come home that night to go to work the rest of the week. it was fun and chaotic as usual :) and no, we did not get presents for tucker this year. it ended up being fine because he slept through all of this and because he is a baby. but don't worry, my parents more than made up for our laziness :)

 the kids and grammy decorated a gingerbread house. it started out with all of us pitching in but i lost interested in about 5 minutes. they LOVED it though.

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