Wednesday, December 19, 2012

because i can't sleep..

  • i have a whole pan of cranberry bliss bars and a huge plate of assorted cookies in my kitchen and i could not be less interested. this is so weird. all i can think about is chinese food. and pig in the blankets. and torchy's fried avocado tacos.
  • people keep asking me how i'm feeling and i keep having to stop to remember why they are asking me this. i seriously forget i'm pregnant most of the time most days..until night time rolls around and i wake up all night feeling like i am about to puke. i think i may have to start eating saltines in the middle of the night. 
  • today i met my mom in bastrop ( a small town 1/2 between here and my parents) to look around at shops and eat lunch.  gregg is off on tuesdays so i left the kids with him. it was sooo nice to be able to actually go into stores and look at things without having to rush in and out as fast as possible. i kept feeling like we needed to move faster all day because i've forgotten what it is like to take my time to do anything. 
  • christmas cards stress me out every year. not sending them (because i just don't send them...) but getting them. i mean, what do i do with them? i really like getting them and seeing the pictures of everyone but what do i DO with them once i've looked at them? i am supposed to keep them forever? right now, the few we have gotten are on my fridge but i'm running out of space/magnets.
  • abbey likes to rearrange our ornaments on the christmas tree daily. she really likes to group them by color. you can imagine how much i love this. so we have clusters of all the red ones, then the purple ones, and then the green ones..and so on. you should be jealous.
  • i should really really be sleeping right now. it's midnight. i go to bed by 9:00 every night. tomorrow will not be my favorite day but i just felt so sick laying in bed i decided to get up and eat something..and 1.5 hrs later here i am.

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