Sunday, December 16, 2012

the eye sticker/patch

the eye patch has quickly become the bane of my existence.

i sent gregg a text the other day telling him that abbey's eye patch was ruining my life. which is probably a little dramatic considering i'm not even the one that has to wear it all day everyday. but, seriously. it is.

she hates it and i don't blame her. i would hate it too. she fights me about it every morning, asks to take it off every 10 minutes, pulls it off herself about 4x a day which means more fighting to get it put back on. and i swear, she is like a different child when she is wearing it. (which is all the time in case you forgot) she is angrier, she yells all the time, she will absolutely not listen to any direction and is crazy emotional. when we we are around a large group and she has it on she is super clingy which is the opposite of her personality. here is my (totally random, uneducated) theory. the thing makes her feel out of control and self-conscious. not because of it how it looks but because she can't freakin see clearly so she is unsure of herself in different settings. i am really really hoping that this gets better as the weeks go on. the plan right now is all day everyday until her next visit on january 3rd. then she will have her eyes re-examined. i'm hoping after that visit we can go back to part time. i'm pretty much going to beg him to let that be the option because i am about to lose my mind and so is she.

and i know, it could be worse. we could be dealing with something so much greater and more permanent  i'm thankful we are not. however, that doesn't really make the daily fights and screaming fest going on the last few days that much more enjoyable.

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