Thursday, December 13, 2012

random updates

  • since being in my cousin's wedding a few months ago, abbey has been telling me how she is going to be a princess in her wedding. 
  • i am having a really annoying time with food this pregnancy. everything sounds disgusting to me but i'm so hungry. i end up eating a lot of cereal, bread products and unfortunately, junk. blah. i'm hoping that changes in the next few weeks.
  • i have been in a baking mood this week. i think since i didn't just have a baby, i feel like i have a little more time for christmas baking this year. this week i've made oreo truffles and today i mixed up sugar cookie dough and am currently baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. i am not having a problem eating these..
  • i hate the kid's bath time. HATE it. it is the last thing i feel like doing at the end of the day. i often skip bath time because i just cannot find the energy for it.
  • on the way to my doctor's appt the other day abbey asked me why i was going to the doctor and i told her so they could check on the baby. she said " i want a girl. is there a girl in there??"
  • we recently replaced our netflix subscription with a hulu plus subscription and i love it so much more. i cant never watch t.v. when it is actually on but with hulu i can watch it the next day. it's such a convenient time waster. this is probably bad.
  • sometimes i feel like i could probably be a more sympathetic parent. example, we are dropping abbey off at her class this morning at church and for some crazy reason she starts to act a little clingy. tries to hold on to my leg and hide behind me. (the girl is 3 and has never once cried when being left anywhere.) am i sweet and reassuring about this? no. i say "come on, don't that. you never do that. go on in" and then i leave. it wasn't until i was walking away that i thought how her teachers probably thought i could have been a little sweeter about it. but i mean, i know she wasn't really worried and i was exhausted.
  • do you ever just feel so exhausted that you really just want to cry for no reason whatsoever other than that you just feel so exhausted? i've felt that all day. and then i took both of my kids to the grocery store on a sunday afternoon because that always helps make my day better. (sarcasm. so.much. sarcasm) 
  • abbey had a follow-up visit with her eye doctor this week. i always dread those appointments. this time he told us to have her where the eye patch full time (all day everyday instead of only 4 hours a day) for 3 weeks and then come back for a follow-up. let me tell you, this news is awful to me. getting her to wear that patch is a BATTLE everyday. at first, she loved it. then, she started freaking out about taking it off because she said it hurt to take off (it's basically a giant band aide so i can see why she'd say that..) but then she discovered she could just take it off. and that's what she does. i know this will really help to correct the problem but i feel so bad for her. she often mentions that she can't see when we put it on and when i take it off she says "oh yay! now i can see again!". seriously. sad. and she's been running into things a lot this week with it back on. but..i do know that we are blessed to be dealing with something so simple and easily corrected.

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