Tuesday, December 11, 2012


this year i decided to do an advent calendar with abbey. honestly, the only reason i actually pulled it off this year was because a sweet girl from moms group organized all the materials for us do it at a meeting. we just finished our first week and i have been surprised by how much i am enjoying it. i thought it would really stress me out but it's not so far. this probably is because i've been really laid back about it-switching activities for the day if i feel like it or letting us get a day behind if needed. about half the activities involve reading passages from abbey's Jesus Storybook Bible (JSB) which also helps to keep things focused and not so crazy.

so far we have:
  • went for a drive to see christmas lights (big hit and we will definitely do it again)
  • made aunt emily a christmas card (that i have yet to mail..i'm waiting to get some photos printed)
  • made christmas cookies and delivered them to a friend's house. she loved this and definitely ate half of every cookie she decorated.

  • made a paper chain for the play room
  • had "christmas pancakes" (just pancakes cut into the shape of a christmas tree and snowman with cookie cutters)
  • made christmas cards for 3 of abbey's friends and delivered them with a special treat. abbey LOVED this. she loved taking the cards to their front doors/mailboxes. plus, i bought her a kid's hot chocolate at starbucks for the first time for the ride and she was pretty proud about her drink that looked like mommy's coffee.
  • read a few passages from the JSB

i like that it is making me be more intentional with abbey during the day in making sure i take the time to sit with her and do something with her. i'm thinking about keeping some version of it around all year. my thought so far is having a jar with activities written on slips of paper inside and letting her pick one out a few times a week. 

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