Thursday, November 29, 2012


today. today is one of those days when i just want to go back to bed. i went to bed feeling sick and woke up feeling sick. i've had a needy 1 yr old following me around all day crying to be picked up. all food options have sounded awful to me today so i've settled for a diet of graham cracker and chips and queso. i'm at the point in the 1st trimester when i start to feel pretty terrible about how i look. i swear i'm getting the baby bump at 9 weeks. NINE weeks people. i am currently fighting tears because my children are not napping but instead are yelling/singing in their rooms. i just want to go back to bed.

thankful not everyday is like today. tomorrow i will have things to say about the fun visit we had with gregg's parents this week and christmas decorating. but just not today.

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Leah said...

:/ you forget when you're not pregnant just how tiring it is to be pregnant... :)