Saturday, December 1, 2012


most nights i go to bed exhausted and not really thinking about anything other than how soon i can lay down to sleep and how long i can stay that way before having to get up again.

but tonight i'm going to bed thinking about how blessed i am by my sweet kids. i'm thinking about tucker's infectious smile and love for cuddling and hugs. i'm thinking about abbey's sweet face when we drove around looking at christmas lights tonight and the way she was so engrossed in watching ELF tonight that she sat in my lap for an entire hour. i'm thinking about those sweet baby hands, rosy cheeks and toothy smile that will greet me at 6:30am when tucker starts calling. i am thinking about spending tomorrow playing with abbey and making good on my promise for a playground visit.

i'm also thinking about quickly this will all change and how much has already changed in three shorts years. not too many years from now and sitting in my lap for a movie on a saturday night will be replaced with nights out with friends. it's so hard to remember how fast the years go when the days often seem to go by so slowly. i'm still trying to figure out how i "enjoy it while it lasts"  like everyone keeps telling me too without getting distracted by the exhausting parts. i'm learning that more time spent intentionally interacting with my children and sincerely engaging and enjoying them is a good starting point. nights like to night are good nights. nights that make realize how much i have been given.

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