Saturday, November 24, 2012


we had a birthday party for the kids last sunday afternoon. i went back and forth on whether or not to have a party. i knew abbey would LOVE it and i knew tucker would be clueless so i just decided to make it easy and do one party for both. 9pm the night before i was regretting the decision to have a party at all as i was up making more and more cupcakes. next time, one big cake or store bought cupcakes. also, next time, birthday parties will be simple, middle of the day park trips morphed into a party by the presence of cupcakes.


because both of the kids are born in November and the party was the weekend before Thanksgiving i tried pull together a fall theme. i really don't know what i did before the wonder of pinterest.

as i suspected abbey LOVED her party. she was so excited. we've been to several birthday parties lately so she was super happy to find out this one was for her. she had so much fun that i guess staying up until 10pm to make cupcakes was worth it :)

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