Saturday, November 17, 2012

one year old

this sweet boy turns ONE today. i know everyone says this, but it REALLY feels like he should be no more than a few months old. this past year has flown by and i still don't always remember that he's not an infant anymore. tucker is the sweetest little baby. he really is. he appreciates being held and snuggled much much more than his older sister. something he likely gets from his daddy :) it's not unusual for him to crawl over to you, reach up babbling to picked up and lay his head down on your shoulder as soon as you do.  he is happy all the time but does have quite the temper when he doesn't get his way or can't figure something out. he recovers pretty quickly but it's pretty hilarious (for now...) when it's happening. he has a few words but not too many..."mama", "dada", "bye-bye" and "ball". he may also be saying "that" but i'm not sure. he points and babbles A LOT these days. he is really into clapping and flipping the light switch and still is very attached to his blanket. he can stand on his own for a few seconds but no signs of walking yet. he does loves his push toy and runs around the house with it all day long. he still prefers gregg to anyone else but is generally pretty friendly and not shy of other people.

we just love him so much. i could have never imagined how much i would adore this baby boy.

i mean, this face. too much!

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