Wednesday, November 7, 2012

family pictures

it has been driving me crazy that we have no decent pictures of the four of us or tucker since he was born and yesterday we finally fixed that!

a couple of years ago, i contacted a girl who goes to our church after reading her blog for awhile. i knew she had just gotten a new camera and really enjoyed taking pictures and editing them of her own family so i asked if she'd be willing to do the same for us. she was and it ended up kick starting her photography business. it is kind of funny in that i had scheduled those pictures 1.5 years ago before i knew we were expecting tucker and ended up being 6 weeks pregnant with him at the time we took them. the same thing happened this time too.

you can check out the preview she put on her blog if you are interested. if you are in the austin area i definitely recommend her. her work is great and her prices are fair-plus she is super easy to work with :)

this one was my favorite of the four of us so far. i'm hoping to have it printed on a canvas soon.

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