Thursday, November 1, 2012

mom wear

every now and then i will decide to put on clothes that make it appear as though i actually made an effort. i use to dress pretty cute on a regular basis because i had a reason to. now, i dress for what works best for my days which are spent picking up kids, cleaning hands, going to the playground, target and the gym. it is what it is. 

anyway, one tuesday a couple weeks ago i had an appointment at a local pregnancy center to learn about volunteer opportunities so i decided i may as well try to look decent. this is as good as it got that day.

again, i'd like to point some things out about this picture.

  • taking a picture of myself is still awkward.
  • i am wearing a sleeveless shirt and boots. thank you texas fall.
  • i am wearing maternity leggings. (this was before i even knew i was pregnant..) i bought these while pregnant with tucker and i will never go back to regular leggings. if you like to wear legging go buy some maternity ones! seriously. do it. they don't dig into you or create that lovely muffin top effect.
  • i am holding a piece of chocolate in my left hand.

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