Thursday, November 1, 2012


i have never been one for halloween. not because i think it's sinful or anything like that but i just don't like the scary aspect to it and i cannot handle halloween yard decor. like, it personally offends me it's so tacky. anyway, i could rant about that forever so i will stop now (sorry if you have an inflatable spider in your front yard...).  since having abbey i've come around a little bit. 

her 1st halloween she was 11 months old and we dressed her up as a garden gnome. pretty much the cutest thing ever.

last year, she was almost 2 and i didn't want to spend money on a costume or make anything, so i put together a combination of her clothes and called her an 80s workout girl. pretty cute.

this year, abbey is going through an obsession with skirts. any time she puts on a dress she will spin around and say she "i like a ballerina!!" so i thought the obvious choice was to let her ballerina for halloween. i made her a tutu and at the last minute i made a matching headband out of some leftover tulle. she pretty much loved it. plus, she can keep it for dress up and be a ballerina (or a princess as she has been saying lately) everyday.

i really didn't know what to do for tucker. i thought about making him into something clever as seen on pinterest but thought it would be a lot of effort for a baby that can't walk yet. so, i borrowed a few costumes and settled on superman. he was pretty much adorable as a chubby little superman...although he was confused by his cape at first and kept trying to pull it off.

so i guess i am warming up to halloween a little bit-at least the cute kid part of it. yesterday morning we went to a halloween storytime and puppet show at the book store down town. i took my camera intending to take pictures but it was complete madness in there and didn't get to. afterwards, we walked across the street with some friends and for lunch at whole foods while the kids played on the rooftop playground. have i mentioned how much i love austin lately? because, i do. so many things for us to do with the little people and still so many things for adults too.

last night, we got together with our community group from church for dinner and then went trick or treating as a group. it was lots of fun. abbey loved it and tucker seemed happy enough about it too :) it was way more fun than going alone.

 gregg had to go rescue abbey from the first house we went to. she just walked right on in and made herself at home before we could stop her :)
 the kids had so much fun. it was so fun to watch them and see how excited they were.
 the picture above is not so great of me but great of gregg and the kids, the picture below is not so great of gregg but better of me. i included both to be fair :)

after about 6 or 7 houses abbey was done and happy to be pushed around and snack on m&ms.

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