Wednesday, October 24, 2012


this was planned.

now, i totally get why you would ask..i mean tucker isn't even 1 yet and i made this whole big stink about how my last pregnancy was my LAST pregnancy. i meant all of that. i got rid of all my maternity clothes and i started giving baby stuff away left and right as tucker outgrew it.

and then, something happened about four months ago. one day, i started having crazy thoughts. thoughts about how maybe pregnancy wasn't that bad, maybe i really did want another newborn, maybe i wouldn't gain as much weight this time (ha!). i sat on these thoughts for a good 3 months. i kept them to myself and kept asking God to make His desires my desires. that if He desired for the next step in our family right now to be adoption that He would make my heart long for that instead. i prayed that if another pregnancy was His will that He would grow that same desire in gregg's heart OR if we just needed to stay like we were for awhile that He would take away my desire for a pregnancy.

a few months went by and my baby fever only intensified. i knew it was irrational to want another baby with tucker only be 10 months old, my days feeling so hectic as it is and my deep disdain for pregnancy. yet, i couldn't deny it was want i wanted. i finally told gregg what i had been feeling for past few months. i will just say he was a shocked :) we took a few weeks to pray about it and think things over and then decided to go for it...and then 3.5 weeks later i saw this:

so, here are again. at the very very beginning of another pregnancy. baby #3 is expected in late june/early july. we are contemplating holding out and waiting until the baby's birthday to find out the gender...but i'm not so sure i can make it that long :)

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Kathy Ormont said...

yay! i'm so excited for you guys!