Monday, October 22, 2012

flower princess

this past weekend my cousin and her husband celebrated their marriage with a ceremony. they actually got married almost a year ago but saved the big wedding day for this past saturday. abbey got to be a flower girl in the wedding.

i really wasn't expecting her to love it as much as she did. i definitely wasn't expecting her to keep referring to herself as a princess. i don't know where she learned the word "princess". she hasn't seen any of the disney movies and i intentionally have tried to put off the "princess" stuff for as long as possible but as soon as i put her dress on her she said "i'm a princess now!!" it was pretty cute. when she saw the bride (my cousin) all dressed up in her BEAUTIFUL dress (seriously, i would like to re-do my own wedding just so i can wear that dress) she walked up to her and said "you are a princess like me!". again, adorable. at one point, she started referring to herself as a flower princess. all this excitement over that dress only confirms that my decision to make her tutu for a ballerina costume for halloween was an excellent idea.

unfortunately, i forgot my real camera and only had the galaxy player to use for pictures so they are pretty low quality. looking forward to seeing the photographers shots when they are ready.

in the picture above she was watching the bride and groom during their 1st dance. she was amazed. it was so sweet to see everything through her eyes and see how amazed she was by all of it. as soon as they got done dancing she headed out there and kept asking anyone and everyone to dance with her. she convinced quite a few people to join with her over the course of the night. pretty sure she had as much fun as anyone else there.

the wedding took place near my hometown so we were also able to spend some time with my grandma before the ceremony. the was the best picture i could get with us and her.

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Krystal Celeste said...

Aww, she did look like a little princess! Glad she got to be in it, she did so good! :)