Monday, October 8, 2012

picture overload

fall weather blew in over the weekend and we decided that it would be a good chance to go a pumpkin patch before it blew away again in a few days. it wasn't exactly a pretty day but it was chilly and we could wear sweaters and boots so it seemed good enough. we headed out to marble falls to visit sweetberry farms again. we went 2 years ago when abbey was tucker's age and didn't get to go last year, so i was eager to make it back with both kids. we visited the goats and took pictures with the pumpkins and called it a day. they have lots of fun activities for kids that aren't too pricey but we were trying to keep the costs down. besides, we were mostly there for the pictures :)

 and just because..a little comparison..

i love that they had the same due date. makes these types of pictures more fun :)

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