Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the past few weeks have been a haze of sickness. colds, sinus infections, random viruses and now, finally, the   best of all sicknesses, the stomach bug. holey cow. i am sick of being sick. also, i am sick of washing laundry that has been thrown up on.  i think the kids and i have turned a corner and are well again. poor gregg, however, got struck with the stomach bug this afternoon when he got home from work. fortunately, it seems to only last for 24 hours but it is a miserable 24 hours.

tonight i put tucker to bed a little early because he opted out of his afternoon nap. it ended up being a blessing because it gave me about a good hour to hang out with just abbey. she thrives on one-on-one attention and it so rarely happens for her these days. the weather is (finally!) awesome so we headed outside for some craft time and play time. she cut pictures out of magazines, colored and put together a thanksgiving necklace i got her at michael's today for less than a dollar while i worked on a wreath for the door. i am always amazed at how much a difference some undivided attention makes with abbey. i wish i could give her more of it and i'm realizing i need to make an effort to be more intentional with her when the opportunity does come. when i was putting her to bed tonight she asked me lay down with her for a few minutes before i left. she pretty much never makes this request so i try to do it whenever she asks. she put her little arm around me and patted my back for a good 10 minutes. heart melt.


jen said...

i quadruple like this! it's been a horrible 3 weeks of non-stop sickness, but even after all that exhaustion and lack of replenishment you were still willing to take some time to give to abbey. you're an awesome follower of christ, wife, and mom.

jen said...

...that obviously me(gregg) posting, not you. i guess your account was logged in.