Wednesday, September 26, 2012

some things

  • pictures of people's feet really bother me. i know you just got a pedicure with fancy new colors and designs or are standing in the sand at the beach... or whatever, but truly, i do.not.want to see it. and i definitely don't want to see it up close. sorry..not to offend anyone or anything..
  • a few weeks ago gregg signed us up for netflix and bought a roku so we can stream it to our t.v. my life has changed. the only downside is that i seem to need to use every spare moment to watch felicity. why is there not a show like it currently on t.v.??
  • our summer gym membership is ending very soon. sadness. it was fun pretending to fit in with the fancy crowd for the summer but the fun is over. i'm hoping to get a membership to Gold's when it's up..or eventually. i really will miss not being able to workout several times a week. plus, at Gold's i will not feel like the only person wearing old navy wind shorts and random t-shirts to workout.
  • i have made dinner twice this week again. i'm on a roll. i even mopped the floors last night. whoa..
  • i may be the only person who thinks having a potty trained child is MORE work than changing diapers. 
  • it's that time a year when everyone in texas is so eager to declare that fall has arrived that people start doing crazy things like wearing boots and scarves in late september when it's still 90+ degrees outside. it's still hot people. STILL your boots for november if you are lucky.
  • abbey's glasses were scratched to the point of her not be able to use them so she has been without them for a couple of weeks now. she finally got them back yesterday i forgot how cute they are on her :)
  • today i made a very rare trip to walmart. i usually avoid walmart and opt for the target across the street instead...but apparently target doesn't sale ice trays..and apparently we are never going to install the ice maker in our fridge so i needed ice trays. and so, to walmart we went. i encountered many angry old people at walmart. one couple was having a screaming match in the parking lot when i was unloading the the point that abbey asked what was wrong with them. 

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