Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2 years and 9 mths

abbey started a new preschool (technically mother's day out but preschool is so much easier to type/say!) and i am always amazed at how confident and independent she is in new settings. i was a little concerned about it because she is a year older and more aware of her surroundings and me leaving and whatnot but i had nothing to worry about it. as soon as she saw the classroom she made herself at home and turned around to wave and say "bye mom". i had to convince her to give me a hug. i love that she is so confident in these settings...it surely did not come from me.

i  am also always amazed at what a difference a year makes. and i thought she was so grown up last year.

i've been wanting to write a post to document some of the things abbey has been up to lately so i can remember in the future. she is really into playing doctor and listening to everyone's belly. she refuses to sleep in her bed and insists on sleeping on the FLOOR in the doorway of her room instead. this drives me crazy but it's not a battle i'm fighting right now. she is always making us laugh with the things she says and imagines. she has a imaginary tiger that she talks about quite a bit-usually she will run out of a room and say "the tiger is in there! he is going to get my toes." or sometimes before we leave the house she will walk back to her bedroom and i'll hear her telling the tiger something like "okay, i have to go now, i'll be back later. you play here." she has started to play with her dolls more, she carries them around and calls them sweet heart. she went through a long phase (months..) of calling everyone "honey". it was hilarious. she has moved on though and will often call us "baby" instead. she is potty trained. hallelujah. she loves her baby brother (despite being rough with him and occasionally pushing him over just for the fun of it), she does have a soft for him. she will try to make him laugh or get him to chase her around the house. sometimes when he's crying she'll give him his blanket and pat his back...other times she is the one that made him cry. see still loves to sing and picks up on lyrics so quickly.

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