Sunday, August 26, 2012

domestic success

i have a couple of friends (here and here) who will post their weekly menus on their blogs occasionally. i had the crazy thought for a second to do the same thing until i realized my weekly "menu" would look something like this...

mon: random leftovers from the weekend
tues: eggs, cereal...whatever we can find in the fridge that needs to be eaten
wed: subpar dinner attempt
thurs: gregg-leftovers from subpar dinner attempt, me-cereal
fri: another dinner attempt

clearly, there is no point in doing any menu posts around here. however, i did make two new recipes this week and both ended up being pretty good. gregg even actually said he liked the 2nd one :)

the first was this zucchini, black bean and rice skillet. i liked that it was SO simple, had veggies in it and was pretty filling too. i think it would be good as a side dish too or with shredded chicken added.

the 2nd was this spicy thai noodle dish. again, SO simple and you could easily add veggies to it. i left out the vegetable oil completely and i still thought maybe it could use a little less oil. it was tasty and makes a ton so it would be good for trying to feed a crowd or to take to a party. especially since it is served cold.

i also made these energy bites for the 2nd time this week. they are really good and very similar to the no bake oatmeal cookies..only without the butter and sugar. definitely try them-even abbey likes them.

so there, a semi-successful week for me in the domestic department.

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Brittany P. said...

I love you friend. :) I should post my "what we really ate" at the end of the week!