Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a night ALONE

over labor day weekend gregg came up with a great plan, a plan that i didn't think would ever actually happen. it was a plan that involved me being ALONE in our home for 24 hours. he packed up the kids (well i packed them up technically) and off they drove to spend the night at my parent's house about 2 hrs away. they left around noon on sunday and got back around 1pm the next day.

what did i do? 

i did some shopping, drank coffee, ate chinese take-out from whole foods, folded laundry that no one immediately unfolded and threw around the room, watched a TON of felicity on netflix, stayed up late, had a quiet & calm breakfast and ran a few errands.

IT WAS GLORIOUS. i realized that i had not spent the night completely alone-no children or husband-since the first few months of our marriage when gregg was working the night shift. so over five years ago. FIVE years. for a person who thrives on alone time that is a long time. i am so thankful for a husband who recognizes that i need some alone time every once in a while and then does something to make it happen.


Leah said...

Amen! I LOVE alone time. What a gift!

Brit said...

woohoo! Happy you got some alone time. What season of Felicity are you on? I think I may have to re-watch it all again.