Monday, July 9, 2012

weekend "vacation"

last weekend my parents took our kids from friday afternoon until monday morning when i went to pick them up. we had 3 nights to ourselves and i had 3 quiet mornings. i cherish those slow, quiet mornings because they are scarce. we spent our weekend eating out a lot, window shopping at ikea, thift stores and anthro, and hanging out with friends. we kept referring to the weekend as our vacation, which i found funny because just a few years ago it would have just been any other weekend.

kids packed up and ready to go

backyard sunshine

enjoyed a yogurt on the couch while watching something other than PBS  and no one asked me for a bite :)

we exchanged my car + kids for this nose of a car 

new ikea rug for the bedroom

ran 3.59 miles on sunday morning. shocks me every time.

gregg jumped on the v-neck train

finally tried out a newish popular burger place

1st antro clothing purchase-from the clearance rack obviously :)
it really was so wonderful to have so much to just relax and spend with each other without the distractions that caring for 2 little people can bring. i always enjoy theses weekends together when they do happen but i am always ready to see these two little people again...

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gm said...

can we go back on "vacation"?