Tuesday, July 17, 2012


i know i've mentioned before how much being able to buy this house was such a blessing and gift from God and i really do mean it. those aren't just empty words that i feel like i need to say because i call myself a Christian and that's what Christian people say when good things happen to them. it makes no sense that we bought a house at this point in our lives. we did not do anything to earn this house. God opened up doors and led us to the right people and the right house. at right at 1400 sq feet and 30 years old, there isn't anything big or fancy about our home but it feels like "us". it felt like home from the first time we walked into it. we made an offer on the place only to find out another offer had been put in on the same day. the next day we found out the seller decided to go with the other offer. we were disappointed because we really did love the house and it was in the perfect location for us but, we just trusted that it wasn't the right time. a week went by and i kept silently hoping and thinking that we were still going to end up with this house some how. one evening we got a call from our realtor that the other buyer decided to back out and he wanted to know if we were still interested. we were and so, here we are :)

i have had a few requests from friends and family members that do not live close by to post pictures of our house. i have kind of put it off because i keep wanting to get the house together before taking pictures and posting pictures of the house just felt strange somehow. well the house isn't really "together" and it still feels strange.. but alas, i am posting pictures.

looking into the living room from the kitchen table. that doorway leads to a hallways with the kids bedrooms, playroom (one day to be guest room..) and 2nd bathroom.

 living room view from hallway doorway

the kitchen-which is on the other side of the wall with big turquoise painting. we were so happy that the appliances were fairly new (although the dishwasher is currently not working...) and even more blessed when our realtor offered to buy us a refrigerator. yes, our realtor bought us a fridge.

guest bathroom-not that interesting :)

this is the playroom, this house somehow has four decent sized bedrooms in it. right now, we are using the extra space for a playroom but hope to eventually make it into a guest room.

tucker's room-which is basically almost identical to abbey's nursery :)

abbey's room that i feel like is still half finished.

and finally our room. our room is on the opposite side of the house of the other 3 bedrooms, just beyond the kitchen. that door way over in the corner leads to our bathroom which is kind of an odd old school set up. right around the corner is our vanity, then there is a separate door for our closet, linen closet and a really really small space with our toliet/shower. not ideal but not terrible. probably the one thing about the house's layout that i'd prefer different but definitely wasn't a deal breaker for us.

there is also this additional sort of "add on" to our bedroom that was originally part of the garage. basically, the previous owner broke into the wall in between the master bedroom and the garage and created this extra space. i think it was used for a home office previously, but it now houses all of gregg's guitar gear...which i LOVE. it's really a useful little area and especially nice since it didn't take away from the garage space at all. however, it's not very photogenic... :)

and that's all!

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Krystal Celeste said...

So pretty! Love all the artwork y'all have hanging up, by the way! :)