Friday, July 27, 2012

8 months...

tucker, tucker. you hit the 8 month mark on the 17th. i apologize for the delay in this post :)

month seven was a big month for you. you got your first two teeth (on the bottom), started to crawl, learned to pull yourself up on furniture and are starting to eat "real" food. you've learned to wave bye-bye and i swear you are trying to actually say "bye-bye" most of the time when you do it. i'm currently working on teaching you to give kisses. you continue to be such a sweet little guy. you are so happy to be able to crawl around and explore. you love to chase your sister and she obviously LOVES that you can do that now-even if she is a little faster than you. you spent your first weekend away at grammy and campy's and did great. you still love to snuggle your face into me when you are sleepy and will actually fall asleep while i'm holding you if given the chance. you have gotten so much better at going to sleep for naps and bedtime without much crying and are on a pretty good schedule. you also conquered your fear of the water. i think this is largely due to your ability to sit-up confidently. you don't mind bath time anymore and you have even warmed up to the pool-as long as no one splashes your face :) all in all, you are the sweetest little thing and i'm so thankful for my days with you.

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