Monday, July 30, 2012

some things

  • my husband has been eating only fruit, vegetables and nuts/nut butter for the past 2 weeks. i, on the other hand, i am starting to feel fairly certain that i have a physiological need for things like chocolate, cake, and sugar in general.
  • we are officially in full blown potty training mode. she is more than ready and we've started it several times but stopped because, honestly, i just did.not. feel like doing it. potty training is MORE exhausting to me than having a newborn. sincerely, i mean that. i hate it with every fiber of my being but abbey is doing really well.
  • i decided that i was going to be interested in the olympics this time around. last time i remember being slightly annoyed that it was ALWAYS on. taking up space on one of the 6 channels that we get. this time, i'm kind of liking that it's ALWAYS on because it's a safe thing to have on the t.v. when i need a distraction during the day but don't want to traumatize my child with vampire commercials. 
  • speaking of the olympics, i am always surprised by the events that make it as olympic sports. water polo, skeet shooting, table tennis... i mean really, ping pong?? i don't know. also, opening ceremonies apparently last for an entire day. i did not realize this and was excited to watch it...until 5 hours later it was still on my t.v.
  • i cannot be the only person that is really really tired of hearing about, talking about, and reading about chic-fil-a. i mean, really. can we just start writing blog articles and facebook posts about other things again. 
  • some days i feel like i should really be given some sort of medal for surviving the day..or just the morning and i'd really like for that medal to come in the form of cake. or ice cream...or both?
  • today i "ran" 4 miles on the treadmill. but here's the thing...i don't know if i can legitimately say "i did a 4 mile run this morning.." when i technically walked about .5 miles of it. do i just say it was a 3.5 mile run or do i count the whole distance even though it included some walking. either way, i am fairly certain it nearly killed me.
  • every morning i wake up and the very first thing i think is "is there any possible way i can lay back down at some point today?" when could this potentially happen?" every.single morning that is my first thought to start the day. you know how many days i actually lay down during the day: 0. but apparently every morning brings a renewed hope that my time will come.
  • i have gotten a tad bit addicted to this game on the galaxy called Bubble Shoot..or something like that. anyway, it's sorta like tetris and i sorta play it every chance i get. really, i do. tucker usually wakes up from his nap about 45 mins before abbey does. my new routine is to grab him as quickly as possible so he doesn't wake her up (because she now insists on sleeping with her door open...) and take him into the playroom and shut the door. i then let him crawl around minding his own business for 30 mins while i lay down and play bubble shoot. i mean, i look up every so often to make sure he's not going to pull the play kitchen over on himself or shove a rouge sticker in his mouth, but for the most i'm engrossed in matching the bubbles to their corresponding colors. then, about 10 minutes before abbey will likely wake up, we head out to the living room so as to not get trapped in the playroom for the rest of the afternoon. because if abbey wakes up and realizes i was in there i will never.ever escape that room.

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