Friday, July 6, 2012

i think i'm supposed to blog about the 4th of July...but our 4th of July was pretty much just like any other day except that we took a family trip to chic-fila for dinner. i didn't even have cute outfits for the kids. lame mom.

anyway, instead i'm going to blog about this morning :)

this morning i woke up determined to help abbey have fun at home. that girl would be happy if we left the house the minute she woke up in the morning and didn't return until it was past her bedtime. i obviously i can't make that happen (and i don't want to!) but i do think i need to be more proactive about having activities for her to do at home. we headed to the gym at 8:00am but it got cut short because a certain little baby boy just  can't take being separated from me for long. (only a little bit annoying..)  after that, we headed to whole foods to use a coupon for free coffee beans! and we may have also grabbed a couple of cookies from the cookie bar. yeah, the new whole foods near us has a cookie bar with a million different options.

when we got home i fed tucker and put him down for a nap and then got to work entertaining abbey. i found this idea on pinterest (obviously..) to make paint from just flour, water and food coloring. it worked pretty well except that i did a pathetic job of mixing it so it was clumpy. we headed outside to do our painting and afterwards i decided to fill up the baby pool for abbey and let her jump in fully clothed. she LOVED this. i think having her dress on instead of a suit made it more fun for her because she played in there for over a hour. this is NOT typical for her. she is bored with it-like everything else-after about 15 minutes.

tucker woke up from his nap and entertained himself by watching abbey play in the water.

and when naptime finally came i celebrated with coffee..and maybe a scoop of butter pecan ice cream dropped in..

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gm said...

is there a way that we can do away with holidays? it would be much easier if every day were pretty much the same...therefore no let-down.