Sunday, July 1, 2012

on working out and music

about a month ago we were gifted a gym membership to an awesome gym just down the street from us. it has been SUCH a blessing. there is a great indoor and outdoor pool that gregg takes abbey to several times a week and where she is taking swim lessons on saturday mornings. i go about 5x a week to workout and give abbey a change of scenery. she loves going to her "gym class", which is just the childcare center. it is pretty good though in that it has a climb through maze, basketball court, computer station, open play area and art area. i always find her climbing through the maze or drawing at the art table when i come to pick her up. and obviously, this gym membership has given me the opportunity to work out on a regular basis. before this i was trying to work out at home to DVDs while a 2 year old literally ran in circles around me. i'd have to stop every couple of minutes to make sure i wasn't about to kick her in the head.

over the last month something strange has happened in that i've found myself slowly getting into running. i'm hesitant to really say that i'm running because it's new and SLOW but considering a month ago the idea of running one mile was absurd and this morning i ran 3.5 miles, i'm hopeful that i am getting somewhere. i have found that music is crucial to me not quitting. this gym is awesome in that it has free wi-fi so i can stream pandora but i can't always rely on the connection and the music selection is pretty hit and miss. so, a couple days ago i finally just downloaded some music to our galaxy. you guys, my choices are pretty embarrassing but i'm going to share them with you anyway.  i've discovered that i am SO out of the know when it comes to music. when did i stop listening to music?? i've searched blogs for suggestions on workout playlists and didn't recognize half the songs listed. i had to look them up on itunes just so i could listen to them.  fast, catchy music is a must for me if i'm going to keep going.

okay, here are the 9 songs i've got so far..

You Belong with Me-Taylor Swift
Hella Good-No Doubt
Baby, Baby-Justin Bieber ( i told is gets worse though so prepare yourself)
Blow-Kesha (i can't stand Kesha btw..)
Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen (see. bad.)
Firework-Katy Perry
Moves like Jagger-Maroon 5
Rolling in the Deep-Adele
Stronger-Kelly Clarkson

apparently, working out turns me into a 16 year old girl.

suggestions are obviously welcomed. HELP ME.


-s said...

Jen, do you have Spotify? If so, I will send you my running mix. You can stream it on your Ipod for $10 a month, which is totally worth it. You can even make songs available offline if your connection is iffy. And they pretty much have every album ever.

Carey said...

omg..i love everything about this!! and just noticed your very cute blog colors/graphics, too! go jen! i know like 2 of those songs and am always in need of new music, so i'll check em out. (i'm such a mainstream music consumer...) And WOW!! 3.5 miles! You are amazing! I am soo impressed!

Leah said...

I've been running to "walking on broken glass" and "feel so close" and some others... I can share later after i've had a chance to look at ipod!

elias and hope said...

OK, your list is similar to mine and mine is wayyy worse. You need some One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful" on that list to really pump you up. I'll look up the rest of my list and see if there are any that you might like.