Monday, June 25, 2012


last night i set my alarm for 6am so i could have some time alone before the kids woke up. at 6am my alarm went off and at 6:15 i hear yelling from tucker's monitor. so much for that idea but i mean, he's cute so that helps :)

i grab tucker from his crib before he can wake up abbey, take him into the kitchen to make a bottle and head  back to my bed to feed him. he drinks his bottle while i scroll through emails, instagram and blogs. this is pretty typical for a morning when he wakes up before abbey. after he finishes his bottle i decide to give him his blanket and stick him in the swing so he can hang out for a bit while i make coffee. as i'm closing the door to his room at 7am, i hear "mama! mama!". no time for coffee. 

open the door to find abbey sitting up on her bed.  " hi mama, i just waked up!". pretty much the typical greeting i get every morning :)  i open her curtains, change her and we head out to the living room. of course, not before a request for me to hold her and then play in the playroom. that girl opens her eyes ready for the day. i do not.

i convince her that i need to make coffee and have breakfast so i turn on PBS and she half watches sesame street while begging me to hold her and play with her. i quickly throw together breakfast as i start to hear yelling coming from tucker's room. swing time is over. i eat my breakfast with one hand while i pick up tucker and bring him to the playroom so i can finally play with abbey. we sit and play for about 20 minutes before the 1st time out of the day happens. 

i decide i should probably feed tucker and go to get a jar of food out of the cabinet. which results in this.

glass on the floor at 8:15. i then spend the next 15 minutes cleaning up squash and glass from the floor while tucker screams in the living room and abbey keeps asking me to put her shoes on her. i finally get the mess cleaned up and feed tucker. it's about 8:45 now and i want him to get at least a cat nap before we head to the gym at 9:30 so back to the swing he goes. 

i attempt to drink coffee while getting abbey's breakfast ready. i get about 1/16th of the cup down before i must clean up her yogurt mess and get her ready to leave. i dress her, fix her hair and get her shoes on her. then i pack the gym bag, wake tucker up to change his diaper and get him dressed and we head out the door. after i drop the kids off at the childcare center i let out a huge sigh and head to the treadmill. where i surprised myself by running (well jogging technically) 3 miles. more on this later because it's a feat for me.

head downstairs and pick up the kids and back to the car we go. this is a tricky part of the day. tucker is cranky but it's not time for his nap yet but i must make lunch for abbey. so i do as much as i can while holding him and then listen to him yell in the living room while i do the rest. everyone eats (but me obviously..) and i can finally lay tucker down. it's not abbey's nap time for another 30 minutes so we play with baby dolls while i shove string cheese and a kids cliff bar in my mouth (btw the iced oatmeal cookie zbar is SO good).

it's finally time for abbey's nap so off she goes. i start to get a yogurt for myself when i hear banging from her bedroom door. i go back in her room, threaten to spank her if i hear it again and put her back in bed. praise God, she goes to sleep.

tucker wakes up. i try to pretend i don't hear him while quickly eating my yogurt. can't ignore him anymore so i go get him up, feed him again and stick him in his swing. bad habits die hard. i rush to clean up from my workout that ended 2 hours ago and finally get to sit down for my Bible study.


Leah said...

I thought you were going to say that they interrupted your workout at the gym because your kids were crying/pooped or something. :) Yay for three miles! This is a beautiful and accurate description of a day in the life as a mama.

jen said...

leah-it is a RARE day when i don't get called down for a poop diaper or crying baby. RARE.

Jill said...

Your an amazing Mama!! Love you!! :D

Brit said...

:) Happy Times. This makes me miss you guys! lol