Thursday, June 28, 2012

some things

i cannot jump on the quiona bandwagon. i have tried it. it doesn't work for me. the texture maybe? i don't know. i'm kind of a plain jane eater. i also can't jump on the chickpea bandwagon either. sorry people. i know i'm missing out..or you think i am...

how often is a person supposed to wash their sheets? i'm not really sure but am sure it's probably more often than waiting until guests will be sleeping in our bed or someone throws up on them.  i'll work on it.

since joining a gym i have fallen in (or perhaps jumped in) to the habit of putting on workout clothes in the morning and calling it "dressed" for the day. it's really solved my continual morning crisis of what to wear for the day. i will probably not be working on this anytime soon.

i feel like i say "okay, in just a minute" to abbey way too much. in my defense, that girl asks for something about 3x/minute. that's not a lie or an exaggeration. i will work on this or at least work on putting the same idea into different words.

i washed a diaper with a load of the kid's laundry today. i am not sure if it was a clean or used diaper. i didn't see poop anywhere in the washing machine so i'll go with clean.  i would like to blame it being in the hamper on the 2.5 year old but honestly, it could have really been my doing. i should probably put the diaper trash can and their hamper a little further apart from each other.

i'm becoming increasingly more hesitant to take both children to target. i always end up a sweaty mess with a baby strapped to me while half carrying, half dragging a 2.5 year old.  it's really only a problem when i give in to abbey's nonstop request to get out of the cart and walk. i don't know what's worse, listening to her whine to walk the whole time or trying to convince her to following me around the whole time. none of it is good. we were there before target opened this morning btw. thank you 6 am wake up calls.

we are sending our kids to my parents for the weekend starting tomorrow morning and i can.not.wait. seriously. cannot wait. i'm not one of those parents to shed tears when sending them away from a couple of days. don't get me wrong, i do think about them often while they are gone and start to get antsy to see them again towards the end but no tears will fall my eyes. i will be too busy sleeping to cry.

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