Friday, June 22, 2012

7 months

oh tucker. i cannot get enough of you.

seven months old now and you just keep getting more and more cute by the day.

you aren't crawling yet but you make your way around the floor pretty well with a combination of rolling and scooting. you are sitting up confidently but when you want to get on the floor you just kind of do a side face plant. it's not the most graceful method but it gets the job done and you only sometimes hurt yourself in the process. you've started to enjoy playing with some more "big baby" toys-like the musical drums.

you are finding your voice a little more everyday. you've really taken to yelling and babbling more this past month. you made your first grocery shopping trip sitting up in the cart and loved it. you looked around grinning at everyone and kicking your chubby baby legs. someone asked me if you were 4 months old but i let them know that you are just a little short for your age :) you are still sleeping great at night but still feel the need to cry for about 20 minutes at bedtime. i keep hoping that will end soon but no sign of it happening yet. you love love your sister! even when she is doing something to you that should technically hurt :) when i'm holding you on my hip and talking to someone else, you do this thing that i think is just so adorable. you lean all the around and get directly in face and grin so big. it's my very favorite thing ever!

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