Saturday, June 16, 2012

first day, last day

i was looking through some pictures from last summer/fall and fighting back tears as they started to make me miss my sweet baby girl. i then came upon the picture i took before her first day of mother's day out last September.

holy moley where did that baby go? i some times wonder if i am looking back on those days with rose tinted glasses, forgetting that we had some hard days back then too. but, even if that's true, i know that the hard days back then paled in comparison to the hard days we have now. my heart aches at how fast time is moving forward and yet i find myself looking forward to days in the future where less time is spent in discipline mode and more time is spent in fun mode.

just for comparison sake (and so i can ensure that i will actually cry before posting this) here is the picture from abbey's end of the year program.

heart = broken.

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