Friday, June 15, 2012

this week my friend carey and i decided to do a baby swap. we took turns keeping each other's youngest so we could each spend some one on one time with our older girls. on wednesday morning i dropped tucker off  before abbey and i headed to her very first movie in a movie theater experience.

during the summer the theaters have $1 children's movies so i thought this would be a good way to test out her readiness for the movies without spending much money. when we walked into the theater the first thing she was said was "wow, i like this!" we went to see Happy Feet 2. my exceptions were for her to not be interested in the movie or sitting in one spot for very long and my expectations were met :) we got there about 10 minutes early so we sat through some preview cartoons and then about 10-15 minutes of the actual movie. she was definitely intrigued by the big screen, seats and lights in the theater but quickly asked her signature question "we go somewhere else?" even though she didn't last long it was still fun to be able to take her and her see her reaction to everything.

after leaving the movie we headed next door to central market for a morning snack and some wandering around. she was thrilled with the large fruits lining the sidewalk outside and it was nice that we had the option to stop and let her check out each one. usually when i have both kids my goal is just to get in and out of the stores as quickly as possible so there isn't much time for exploring.

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